Bathroom Towels: Choosing the Right One

The importance of bathroom towels is recognized even in popular culture with the annual celebration of Towel Day on May 25th.  This holiday was initiated by the fans of author Douglas Adams, who (in our opinion) accurately describes bathroom towels as one of the most massively important useful things, in his book entitled, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

In fact, when it comes to picking out the right new bathroom towels, the choices can be overwhelming. Aside from the debate of white versus color, most people search for bathroom towels that are the perfect balance of durable, thick, fluffy and absorbent, yet light.

Yet many times there's disappointment as towels lose their softness after washing, their colors fade, or they lose their absorbency, so here we've supplied our guide to choosing a great towel for your bathroom in honor of Towel Day.

For durability, two-ply towels are somewhat more durable than one ply, and those made from Egyptian, Pima, or Turkish cotton are all very long lasting. Organic cotton has the same feel as non-organic cotton yet are made with cotton grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. Durable, yet less absorbent, are cotton/polyester towels. Although rayon is not as good a choice for strength, it is slightly more absorbent.

Thicker, heavier towels with a high GSM (grams per square meter) are usually more absorbent than lighter, thinner towels, but take longer to dry. Towels with a 500-600 GSM are considered ideal for absorbency; however, towels with 600-900 GSM are extremely plush and luxurious. Two-ply towels made of Egyptian, Turkish or Pima cotton have excellent absorbency.

Towels made with Pima, Turkish or Egyptian cotton are soft and silky, and those made of rayon, or bamboo-derived rayon are also usually very soft. Many towels lose some of their softness after washing. The reason for this is that manufacturers generally coat the towels with a finish for fabric softening, which wears away after a couple of washes. Microfiber towels are excellent for their quick-drying abilities but lack the softness of thicker towels.

The way towels are cared for make a difference. To remove dirt and body oils towels should be laundered frequently with a good quality laundry detergent. Use dryer sheets rather than liquid fabric softeners that can leave a film, which can decrease the absorbency of the towels.

Although premium cotton towels may cost more, two-ply towels made with Pima, Turkish, or Egyptian cotton are a great choice for soft, absorbent towels that last, but no matter what your final towel selection is, buying a fresh set of towels can give your bathroom a quick update.

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