How to Share a Bathroom

Although some annoying habits can be tolerated, they can start to accumulate over time, damaging our relationships. So, when you live with someone else and share a bathroom, things can get messy. However, this list can help learn how to share a bathroom with a roommate, spouse or significant other.

How to Share a Bathroom Rule #1:

Leave the toilet seat in position for the next person and the floor surrounding it clean and dry.

How to Share a Bathroom Rule #2:

Don't shed clothes and leave them all over the floor.

How to Share a Bathroom Rule #3:

Be considerate of space and storage by controlling the number of beauty products kept in the bathroom.

How to Share a Bathroom Rule #4:

Wait until leaving the bathroom to have a conversation rather than yelling from within.

How to Share a Bathroom Rule #5:

Clean hair from shower or bath drains, preventing an unappealing sight and preventing clogs.

How to Share a Bathroom Rule #6:

Keep toilet clean and make sure to flush.

How to Share a Bathroom Rule #7:

Hang towels to dry rather than leaving them wet on the floor. Don't use their towels, toothbrush, razors or other personal items without prior permission.

How to Share a Bathroom Rule #8:

It's wonderful to have trimmed finger and toenails, but don't leave the clippings behind.

How to Share a Bathroom Rule #9:

Replace empty toilet paper rolls and make sure that extra ones are stored close by.

How to Share a Bathroom Rule #10:

It seems obvious, but refrain from nose blowing or urinating in the shower.

How to Share a Bathroom Rule #11:

Replace the cap on the toothpaste tube and squeezing from the end, not the middle. Clean toothpaste leavings from in and around the sink.

How to Share a Bathroom Rule #12:

Remove the hair bristles left behind in and around sink after shaving.

Simple consideration goes a long way. If you're the one to use the last of the toilet paper or soap, replace it. Leave the bathroom clean and picked up for the next person to use.

Yet, it's important not to sweat the small things when sharing a bathroom, by focusing on all the positive things they do and discussing these minor issues in a delicate manner. Remember to talk only about the specific behavior rather than an outright personality attack and explain why the issue bothers you. Then, prepare to listen to a conversation about your habits too.

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