How to Make your Bathroom Smell Better

Having a bathroom that smells nice makes it a much nicer place to spend time getting ready and can also help it seem a cleaner and more appealing space. Moreover, our sense of smell actually sharpens when there is extra moisture in the air, such as in the bathroom after showering or bathing. Continue to read our blog to learn how to make your bathroom smell better.

It's certainly understandable that the way a room smells can affect our mood. Simply adding a scented candle, diffuser, atomizer, or a few drops of essential oil on some cotton balls can make a huge difference. Although our scent preferences are generally a highly individualized matter and are often due to associations or memories, certain aromas are known for their special, unique properties. For example, citrus and floral aromas always seem to make a home smell fresher.

Yet there are many choices, each with distinctive benefits. In fact, the natural oils, which have been extracted from plants, are often used to enhance feelings of well-being and are said to stimulate the brain. Experiment with some of these well-known fragrances to discover how they can transform your space and how to make your bathroom smell better.

Peppermint makes a room feel cooling and refreshing

Spicy cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper can all increase feelings of energy.

Rosemary has been shown to increase focus and memory

Woodsy scents such as juniper or cedar are calming, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety

Chamomile can instantly lift a mood, bringing cheer and lifting depression

Eucalyptus is deodorizing and can also aid with decongestion

Jasmine and rose are meant for romance

Lavender is naturally relaxing

Marjoram can help to relieve fatigue and encouraging a better night's rest

Vanilla can elevate happiness

Apple scents have been found to help headaches

So, try these fragrances to invigorate, boost your optimism, promote happiness, soothe anxiety, or help your concentration. However, it's important to remember that adding beautiful scents won't eliminate unhealthy odors such as the musty smells from mildew or bacteria. Bathrooms need to be clean and well ventilated, with towels and rugs kept clean and dry.

Your bathroom can set a pleasant tone for the way you begin and end each day, but whatever you choose, DECOLAV can help you achieve the mood you want with our quality products and expert engineering. Coupled with your unique vision, we can provide innovative solutions for your bathroom design, and DECOLAV offers an abundance of options that are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating taste.

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