Ordinary is Not Extraordinary for Today’s Washrooms

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Open any design magazine such as Elle to Coastal Designs and you’ll notice a significant change is happening to washrooms. The look of clean, simple and elegant interior decorating is sweeping the nation. In this blog we uncover why the ordinary isn’t so extraordinary for the look clients in such high demand with their bathrooms.

Old school designers are shying away from things like plastic seashell shaped sinks.  Top mounted and drop in the basins is phasing out. Luxury markets are requesting more contemporary to eclectic versions for things like bathroom sinks. While there’s nothing wrong with a self-rimming sink, alternatives include farm sinks to the pedestal top mounts.  People are decorating with more flair than ever before. The powder room is no longer an afterthought to the rest of a home's design.

The furniture being integrated in these designs is still functional. But, they lean more toward smaller spaces that offer organization and storage units with shelves to hide toiletries. The bathroom cabinetry continues to come in a variety of colors and finishes. However, the shapes and integrative use of space are more appealing for the ‘Minimalist’ approach.  The newer cabinets boast a more artistic layout with a ‘spa-like’ personality. Previous furniture offered one large cabinet with a few drawers. This depository also offered a hodge-podge of places to toss things into a messy blur under the sink. Today the shift is less mess, more organizational options.

Designers are claiming more versatility where bathrooms aren’t necessarily built with a feminine appeal. There’s a strong demographic seeking more masculine construction. Straight lines that are bold with storage hiding bathroom products are more sought after than in previous years. People are looking for versatility and utility at the same time. Rather than leaving a small bathroom space with a less than desirable surface to work with or a lack of shelving, furniture and medicine cabinets are integrating designs. They are seeking storage while continuing to provide elegance.

We’re seeing fireplaces and waterfalls for a more rustic and spa type of atmosphere in these designs. The bathroom, living space has a common theme of tranquility. Since this is generally a place for privacy and relaxation, you can see a multitude of new elements introduced for people to indulge and unwind.

Whether it’s residential or commercial property people are looking for stunning ways to make their washrooms an escape from the outside world. This is particularly true in opulent markets where only the finest of craftsmanship will suffice to never give up the good life.

So gone with the old and welcome the new where the extraordinary is at the top of any 5-star design.


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