Ways to Warm Up a Cold Bathroom

One common complaint during the chilly winter months is a cold bathroom. It's certainly uncomfortable stepping out of a hot shower onto cold, hard floors, and longing only for a warm, cozy room.

Fortunately, a comforting refuge can be achieved in many ways, some requiring bigger investments, but also other alternative smaller changes that can a big difference too. Consider these options for cold bathroom remedies.

7 Best Cold Bathroom Remedies for Any Budget

  • Heated floors – Ditch icy floors and step out of the bath onto a warm surface. If heated flooring is outside of the budget, simply adding warm thick rugs or layering smaller ones can add warmth, style, and color, but make sure to use a non-slip rug pad underneath.

  • Radiant Ceiling Panels – Heavenly heat from above that can be found with a built-in light and fan for bathrooms.
  • Electric baseboard heater, a bathroom-safe space heater or infrared heat bulbs - These options may be more affordable or more simple solutions, especially for small rooms.
  • Heated towel bars or racks – Wrapping up in a warm towel is pure joy. Minimally, by moving towels hooks close to the shower, towels will be warmer from the proximity to the steam, and a closer reach too.
  • A fireplace – If there's space and the cost is within budget, this is an unbeatable luxury item. However, visual warmth can also be added with votive candles or lanterns.
  • Light - Sunshine streaming through generous windows or skylights and reflected in bathroom mirrors add natural light and happiness to any room during cold months. Yet, it's important to ensure that windows are properly sealed to prevent drafts and the escape of warm air. For a more affordable choice, change wall colors to a visually warming hue of yellow, red or orange.
  • Saunas, steam showers, and soaking tubs all offer terrific ways to both warm up and relax. Or, consider a more modest change of the shower-head. Choose one that offers a strong, wide stream of hot water, and invest in a cozy bathrobe to slip into afterward.

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