Tips on Creating Space for Your Powder Room

We see functional storage added to many of today’s bathroom designs. It seems that toiletries and other household products need to have a special place to keep some order and not crowd precious countertop space. In this blog, we uncover some storage solutions that might spark some ideas.

Storage solutions don't mean unattractive structures are taking up more space. Instead, they can be as simple as selecting the right bathroom vanity. Many of our vanities have been designed to store a variety of items without sacrificing space. Take for instance our 35-Inch Malena Falls® Bathroom Vanity, from the DECOLAV Matt Muenster Exclusive Collection, with the sliding bridge to tuck away items from toilet paper to your favorite moisturizer. Sometime just choosing the perfect bathroom vanity can solve all your issues!

Another solution is shelving made of natural materials such as a wooden ladder adds an organic appeal while creating plenty of room for washcloths, bathroom sprays, and collectibles. Just picture the possibilities.

Sheet metal seems like an odd material to find in a restroom, but sheet metal is versatile and sturdy. What we like about this material is it adds an urban and contemporary vibe to any room. Use sheet metal to back a bookshelf, and you’ve got a handsome solution for your towels and other shower supplies.

Towel racks can be rather cumbersome. That being said, why not select single hooks than an entire rack? Hooks look cleaner, and your linens still dry about the same.

You can always create a shallow closet and shelves if you have a handy artistic side. Look for DIY projects at places like Pinterest and Houzz. You can also do an easy Google search for small DIY closets for bathroom spaces. If you’re not the handy type you can always purchase the Gavin Linen Tower, which is versatile enough to fit into any décor.

Mason jars are an ideal solution for cotton balls and Q-tips. If you finish them with a decorative paint, they can create a vintage storage container perfect for any Victorian or Shabby Chic décor.

Decorative baskets are nice to roll up a few washcloths. You can use a multitude of different baskets to create an artistic display that is also functional.

Of course, you could always make a trip to the Container Store. Who doesn’t love that place if you like organizing? While that is an excellent choice, we urge you to step out of your comfort zone and get creative. There’s a lot of terrific ideas out there, and we’re always here to assist.

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