Why Tempered Glass Succeeds in Today’s Luxury Bath Designs


The use of tempered glass for the bathroom can be found in just about any interior design magazine on the shelf today. Luxury boutique hotels and restaurants are making the switch from the traditional sink to the glass vessel in an effort to modernize these spaces. These products are selected for elegance in design, as well as their functionality. In this blog we outline a few reasons why tempered glass will succeed in today’s creative layouts.

DECOLAV’s Translucence Collection is a step above other manufacturers specializing in tempered glass lavatories. This is mostly because of quality and artistic appeal.

This series is constructed in either 12-19mm thickness allowing for a sturdy vessel. The ultra-durable units come in a variety of shapes, colors and finishes such as frosted to clear. No matter what shape or finish, these products come with the highest craftsmanship in the industry. All products are tested before packaging, giving the DECOLAV seal of approval. You know these are sturdy products, because they're backed with a lifetime warranty to ensure, you’re investing in the best. Why do these sinks succeed?


  • Tempered glass comes in a variety of colors for your design
  • The sinks style pairs perfectly with contemporary and modern décor
  • The vessel sink integrates well with sophisticated vanities


Unlike bathroom designs of yesterday, where sinks were only available in white and made of porcelain, tempered glass creates an innovative approach. By adding color and excitement to the finish a humdrum washroom becomes a room with a personality. The different shades of blues, ambers and pinks are pieces of art to be admired. These sinks come in a spectrum of colors and are some of the most versatile for top mounted selections.

Other than style of color, the shapes range from Art Deco to in vogue.  This series gives a more distinct flair to any washroom. From the soft sweeping Incandescence series to our Translucence line, we offer only the most sought after purposeful project solutions. These high-end shapes compliment your powder rooms and restroom, while providing years of use.  Don't forget, our commitment to quality is added to every selection you make.

When it comes to your furniture, quality of craftsmanship with functionality is paramount to any bathroom planning. Tempered glass vessels integrating nicely with surfaces such as granite or resin, create an artistic statement, eliminating the hum drum of old designing.

With all the choices you have at the planning phase of your designs, tempered glass is one that will impress any client for years to come. Take the time to browse through places like Houzz or Pinterest and you’ll find this material is an excellent alternative to any sink on the market today.

For more information on DECOLAV’s Tempered Glass Products, contact us directly.

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