Zodiac Bathroom Design: Find Yours!

Choosing a Zodiac Bathroom Design

For more than 2,000 years, people have used astrology to help understand the nature of man and the universe. Using this process for greater self-awareness and self-understanding can provide a method to help bring joy and contentment from the choices we make. Now it is time for you to start following your stars. Read more to use our zodiac bathroom design ideas to find your perfect design.

Our bathrooms are highly personalized spaces that should provide luxury in addition to utility, while reflecting our personal styles. Here are a few ideas which use the concepts from astrology to help you explore a zodiac bathroom design that may be right for you.

Pick Your Zodiac Bathroom Design

Air Signs:

Aries with their high energy requires a bathroom that enable quick get ready time. An easy in and out shower with everything close at hand will be appreciated.

Taurus tenacious spirit loves the reliability of natural finishes. Consider natural stone or marble floors and shower areas. Consider stone sink basins and add rose copper or burnished brass fixtures.

Gemini's versatile nature requires adaptability to keep things interesting. Modern neutrals can be kept fresh by easily changing décor items to whatever is fashionable or trendy.

Fire Signs:

Cancer intuitive, sympathetic nature flourishes in a room with plenty of natural light, gauzy curtains and soft silver fixtures.

Leo's confidence and self expression demands glamour and bold eye-catching art, luxury fixtures and opulent lighting.

Virgo appreciates the understated and immaculate. In their joy of perfectionism organic white cotton towels blend with modern, simple design in white marble or classic neutrals.

Earth Signs:

Scorpio's passion and intensity demands opulence and sensuality in the bathroom. Fulfill this with thick velvety towels next to a luxurious bathtub designed for long soaks with glowing candles.

Sagittarius desires adventure and independence and a bathroom with lots of open space made cozy with rustic design elements should suit them well. Look at the Countryside Vanity by DECOLAV.

Libra loves harmony and balance so consider symmetry and proportion. Flank the vanity mirror with sconce lighting on both sides or consider side-by-side free floating sinks. Zen design works well. Think about available space and keep elements in proportion to it. The Ethanpointe from the DECOLAV Matt Muenster Collection has built in sconces on the mirror!

Water Signs:

Aquarius who enjoys intellectual vision would be at home with a chic, high-end hotel style bathroom with a large abstract piece of art as a focal point. Adding a flowering orchid would be a welcome addition also.

Capricorn who loves organization will enjoy a bathroom vanity with plenty of storage and containers to hold it all neatly. Low maintenance finishes and clean modern design will work nicely.

Pisces are sensitive, emotional, and naturally love water. A beach cottage vibe complete with a freestanding tub and aqua accents would be ideal. Driftwood and coral add nice touches too.

Although you may not believe in astrology, using these ideas to assess your personality can assist you in developing a design that can be most compatible with your nature.

DECOLAV's offers a wide range of materials and finishes that harmonizes style and expert craftsmanship while maintaining affordability. We can help you learn what you can achieve within your budget. To find out how we can help you find the design for your sign, visit DECOLAV.com or call 866.DECOLAV(332.6528).