Returns Policy 2019

Our goal is for our customers to receive quality product at competitive prices and delivered on time. We are striving to improve our product packaging and lower our returns rate for 2019. For any returns please make sure to follow the guidelines below. RGA's are only accepted from retail/wholesale purchaser only. Not to be completed by residential home owners or end-users. Homeowners/End-users: If you need to return a DECOLAV product you have purchased, please contact the retailer in which you purchased the product from.

RGA Guidelines:

· DO NOT refuse or return to sender any order from a shipper. In order for a credit to be issued, the order must be accepted and the RGA process must be completed.

· Customer cancellations/returns must be requested within the following timeframe for order by product status and order quantity:

Orders with quantity 1-99 units:

·Non-Discontinued Product: 90-day returns

·Discontinued Product: 30-day returns

·Final Sale Product: No Returns accepted

Orders with quantity of 100+ units:

·Non-Discontinued Product: 90-day returns

·Discontinued Product: 90-day returns

·Final Sale Product: No Returns accepted

· Product Status defined: Non-discontinued products are products that are kept in-stock and are in continued production. Discontinued products are products that has limited quantities in stock and are no longer in production. Final Sale Product is product that has limited quantities in stock and are marked for final sale.

· Product status will be honored from the when the order was placed. For example: if a non-discontinued product was ordered on 08/01/2019, however it was placed into the discontinued product status on 08/03/2019, customer request to return on 09/05/2018, the return will be honored with the 90-day policy.

· For orders with 100 + units and has past the 90-day guideline for returns please email for a more in-depth review of your order. You may be eligible for a special process return.

· Damage and/or defective claims must be requested within 30 days upon delivery of goods and are subject to Deco Lav, Inc Warranty and Terms. Photographs of damaged product is required for a damage/defective claim.

· Shipping damages must be reported within 5 business days of receipt of order.

· Product returned for credit that is non-defective, and not in original box will not be accepted. Product must be returned in orginal box, no matter the condition of the box, for credit to be issued.

Customer cancellations/returns are subject to the following fees:

· 25% restocking fee with a minimum of $10.00

· Customer must pay return shipping charges

· Customer must pay outbound freight associated with order, including orders that qualified for FFA.

· $10 re-box fee, if applicable. Product subject to fee if product returned in a box that ffeatures any non-DECOLAV stickers, PO #’s and/or writing on it or the box is damaged beyond sellable condition.

· RGAs sent to the incorrect address will be subject to a $25.00 handling fee plus shipping costs to the correct address.


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